• Remarkable quality
  • Good leak protection performance
  • Durable and lasting characteristic
  • Reasonable price
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     Chener Battery Works Limited Company was established in 1980, headquartered in Hong Kong, now Chener Battery Works Limited already there are large-scale subsidiary factories in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Panyu. There is professional battery manufacturer of the research, production and marketing experience for many years as one, can offer all kinds of high-efficient battery, including alkaline button cell, lithium button cell, zinc air battery, Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium button cell, various kinds of high capacity and high power cylindrical alkaline battery, cylindrical Nickel metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium battery and camera battery, etc..
      The company is established by oneself, have gathered the managerial talent in such professional technician, high-quality as a group of outstanding electrochemistry, chemical machinery, examination and test of products, and by the production backbone and experienced operator of experience for many years trained strictly. The company regards product quality as the lives of enterprises, adopt international IEC standard to organize and produce and measure, succeed through the authentication of ISO9001 quality management system, the equipment of inspection with advanced person and grasping the most perfect and most effective measuring tactics. Some type batteries have all already passed UL authentication, every indicator totally accords with the standard that European Union exports, finally we got the " RoHS" Authentication.
      For many years, Chener Battery Works Limited with its remarkable quality, good leak protection performance, the durable and lasting characteristic has won the support and praise from all walks of life. We promise with high quality, reasonable price, paying issue and good after-sale service cooperate with the market as the goal in time, the buyer at home and abroad of welcome connection, negotiate the business.
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